Candida Package
Candida Package

Candida Package

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Through our research and testing, we have found various products that when taken together can help give relief to people with Candida by promoting a healthy digestive system balance. Candida Relief package includes four super-supplements:

  • Yeast Probiotic that synergistically works with Inner Garden to create the right environment to fight the overabundance of yeast.
  • Inner Garden™, a broad spectrum of natural multi-family and multi-specie probiotics.
  • Rest Easy™, contains the same ingredients as Inner Garden™ with the addition of fermented Certified Organic Turmeric, particularly strong in the areas of anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, and hormone balancing
  • Neem leaf from the Neem Tree -  anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and pain relieving.

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