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Winston Kao

Personal Consulting by Winston Kao - $2 Per Minute

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Personal Consulting by Winston Kao draws upon his extensive research, validation and testing of best-of-breed solutions in Health, Water Quality and Agriculture.

Clients receive an initial consultation of ten minutes at no charge. The standard rate for additional Consulting is $2.00 per minute.

Save 20% when you purchase 60 or more minutes of consulting at a time. Billed individually, 60 minutes of Consulting is $120. Purchased all at once, 60 minutes of Consulting is $96 - you save $24.

Subjects Consulted:

Health Re-education:

  • The way you feel is your first health report - if you don't feel strong, energetic, youthful and positive, you need Consulting.
  • If you think you're doing everything right, you need Consulting. Winston's 31-point checklist reveals vital health influences that even the most health-conscious often miss.

Water Quality:

  • Water from conventional sources (tap and bottled) is almost always improperly treated, contained or transported and therefore toxic and unbalanced.
  • Some natural-health experts consider commonly available water unfit for drinking, cooking or bathing and a primary cause of ill-health.
  • Consult with Winston for a workable design and action-plan for pure, balanced, health-boosting water.

Agriculture and Gardening:

  • If you have a 'brown thumb' and can't seem to make anything grow or thrive, you need Consulting.
  • If you experience a sudden increase in insect or fungus issues in your garden or farm, you need Consulting.
  • Your troubles are not your fault! Whatever your current level of experience, hidden environmental changes have made it much harder to grow healthy plants in gardens or on farms. You need Consulting to understand and effectively handle the new environment.

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